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Newlyweds! What's Next? Navigating a Purchase with a Significant Other.

Updated: May 1

Remember "Newlyweds! What's Next?" from the Bridal Expo?!

Hello, Bride to Be!

My name is Katie Huffines, Realtor with EXP Realty. Last weekend we had the pleasure of meeting at the 2023 Bridal Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. I hope you have enjoyed your week the wedding festivities as you prepare for the big day!

~ A Short Recap from the Expo ~

Put the Money you save with Katie & Hannah back into your Wedding, Honeymoon, Family Plans, Home, Retirement & more!

What Happens After Wedding Day!?

Ask Katie & Hannah ~ the Realtor & Financial Advisor Duo. Combine your Finances & your Home with ease!

Here's how we can help:

Combine your Finances & your Home! Whether your goal is to live in a Rental or in a Home you Own, Call Katie Huffines to get that process started!

KATIE HUFFINES IS OFFERING $5,000-$10,000 towards Closing Cost or Reduced Seller Commissions for Anyone who attended this event! Mention the Expo & Date you attended**

We need your help to Buy a Home

We need your Help to Rent a Home

We need your Help to Sell & Buy a Home

Marriage is a new way of life, love, & finances ~ with Tax Benefits, Mingling of Funds, Income, Responsibilities & more. Connect with Hannah Weber on what comes after wedding day as a Married Couple.

HANNAH WEBER IS OFFERING 2 FREE Financial Consultation Appointments. Get the Professional's Opinion that things are on the right track, or how to help get you there!

Searching for Homes? Katie will help & assist with the fees to move-in!

Call / Text 832-628-5808 to Connect Now!

Selling Luxury AZ

Katie Huffines


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