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Happy Day, Everyone!!!

Sundays are for Spreading Joy & Tuesdays are for Keeping it up!

Don’t forget to #rest #recharge, get #ready for the week and stay that way!!

Everyone has a chance to wake up today & make it great in some way.

❋ Take the morning for yourself, do something you LOVE! ❊ Extra Credit ❊ Put your phone away for 60 minutes! (I promise it helps more than it hurts!)

❋ Reach out to someone you love today! Whether it be friends or family, give them a call-or better yet, see them today!! ❊ Extra Credit ❊ Make their day better somehow! (Maybe you did just by calling!)

❋ Cook your dinner tonight! Go to the store or whip something up at home, but put some effort in! ❊ Extra Credit ❊ Do the dishes, too! (You’ll be glad you did, promise!)

Wake up tomorrow with an eventful, hopefully FUN weekend behind you.. a few wins from your rockin morning routine.. and a beautiful Tuesday spent.. I hope you are rested from your quiet time, feel connected in your relationships & fulfilled socially, and are energized and ready for Humpday!!


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